The Training for Women Ready to Unleash Their Creative Visions and Become Known for Their Work

What reality do you want to create?

Dear Sister,

  • Have you been feeling the urge to share your creative work in a much bigger way?
  • Are you ready to build your platform and become known for your artistic or entrepreneurial business?
  • Are there parts of you calling to be unlocked and shared with the world?
  • Do you ache for the opportunity to create what you really care about every day and make money doing it?
  • Or perhaps you want to ride the vision you have already started as far as you can take it?

I know you have big visions inside of you. I also know sometimes you might struggle with building and sustaining the confidence and clarity you need to carry them through.

  • Perhaps you have a hard time believing in yourself and your ideas.
  • Sometimes you may forget what you are truly capable of.
  • Maybe you have a hard time figuring out HOW to get your visions launched (there is sooo much technical stuff to figure out!)
  • Perhaps you haven’t find the right mentor or a community of like-minded people
  • Or you could really use real, practical, tangible support to build out your offerings and share your work
  • You could have found yourself creating from a masculine “more work, more effort” paradigm that has left you burnt out, exhausted and still treading water even after all that work.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the creation process felt EASIER? Wouldn’t you love to have help?

Imagine being able to feel and experience total flow with giving your greatest gifts and receiving all the opportunities for which you have dared to hope…

I see how far away this feels for many women. I see how they struggle with oppressive expectations to be a certain way, to look a certain way, to achieve a certain level of status or money. I was one of those women too.

I know intimately how in the rigid confines of these expectations we often do not see a pathway to be fully self-expressed and free in the world.

  • We can feel terrified to open our voice.
  • We may not know how to change our circumstances.
  • We can’t seem to create alignment, ease, or financial flow.
  • Sometimes we just don’t see a way to live our creative purpose or a life that fulfills us.

We can experience this as a deep soul-level pain that manifests as despair, depression, self-criticism, self-loathing, and self-betrayal that convinces us that we are not good enough or that we do not have it in us to manifest the ideas that come to us and the visions that live inside of us.

Tragically some us actually begin to believe that we do not have what it takes.

Some of us have found our way through these challenges though we might feel like it is a daily exercise in total dogged commitment to show up fully for our life.

Some of us are earlier in the journey still pulling ourselves out from under the weight of our traumas and disappointments.

The struggle is real. You are in good company. 

Sister, I want to help remedy that.

No matter where we are on our journey, there is always more room to embrace our creative power. When we begin to create our life as a Creatrix, we can make the creative journey more flowing, more fun, and very beautiful.

I have created an unusual container for women just like you – it is part focused mastermind, part Priestess Temple, sometimes all business, always juicy.

And here’s what it is designed to give you:

  • Tangible and effective guidance, mentoring, and support to help you get clear on your creative mission, develop the confidence you need to go for it, design and build out your offerings, and reach your audience and fans who will help you make what you do sustainable
  • A community collective of like-minded, focused women and a culture that is built around the mutual value of support and mutual upliftment (not competition)
  • The experience of actually moving forward with your art, business, and life rather than cycling through the same repeating issues and conversations
  • Total permission to create from pleasure and joy using a feminine operating system supported by some masculine direction and goal-setting
  • The opportunity to be part of a movement of women who share a collective vision of the full embodiment of our creative power
  • The manual for how to create outside of the traditional system as a self-created, self-directed CREATRIX 


Creatrix Collective

A rare virtual membership community for entrepreneurial feminine leaders.

This community is designed to help you to develop the clarity, courage, and confidence to bring your creative world-changing visions to life.

This is about supporting you to:

  • Honor your creative feminine impulses
  • Speak up and share your work
  • Pave a different path for yourself and others. 

In the Creatrix Collective, you will have the opportunity to receive direct mentoring and training from ALIA (learn more about me below) and loving support from your fellow sisters on the path. 

This kind of deep work of releasing old wounds and stepping into a new level of creation calls for an inner revolution within each one of us.

This means we must be willing to make different choices for ourselves, our community, and our culture.

Sometimes it is very scary to do that when you feel like the only one you know making that choice. 

Sister you are not alone in this sometimes isolated world. We got you.

  • Together we will unwind from our former operating system and bring a new one online.
  • Together we will be unapologetic about who we are and what we are here to do.
  • Together we will deeply explore your inner world AND jam on your marketing plan.

I am an unusual coach. 

I bridge practical strategy with esoteric wisdom and sacred practices to connect to the priestess within you.

The idea is to activate all these tools to bring your vision into 3D reality.

You may experience both intense discomfort from being pushed out of your comfort zone and deep relief at finally being seen.

You will be invited into your greatest gifts and held in your deepest darkness.

You will be invited to be the audacious, outrageous, unabashedly feminine expression of you.

My Primary Mission is to unlock the highest version of you.

I will invite you to tell the truth always, most importantly to yourself, so that you can release the delusions quicker and come to a beautiful resting place of trust with your Self. 

This is for women who are called to step forward at this time on this planet.

  • You are here to open your voice.
  • You are here to release the gifts you have been given.
  • You are called to bring healing, compassion, contribution, and leadership to your corner of the world. 
  • You are called to create in a feminine way and erase the patriarchal programs of creation from your operating system.

You are ready to find the inner freedom to turn your deepest creative impulses and unrealized genius into expressions of your art and business that inspire and innovate.

I am inviting in all of you that are conscious entrepreneurs, artists, business women, coaches, thought leaders, healers, writers, intuitives, and way showers. 

I am welcoming in all of you that are the revolutionaries and the evolutionaries, the rebels and the rule-breakers, the misfits and the fringe dwellers, the wild women and the medicine women, the visionaries and the seers.

I welcome any woman on any path who is ready to become sovereign, self-generative, and take ownership of the creation of her visions in a new way.

We will come together as a collective to call in and activate our clarity and our confidence in our voice and our purpose.

Together we will stand up and speak up and claim our innate creative power to shape our reality.

It doesn’t matter what what you do, it’s about who you are willing to be. 

Whether you are far along on the path, or just getting started, if you have been feeling this calling waking up inside you then this is the community for you. 

I am opening this container so you can access the FULL SPECTRUM of you.

My intention is that every single woman that enters these temple doors recognizes that you are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and your capacity to create your reality transcends everything we know with our rational mind.

I am on my path and in action in ways that are so surprising. Alia created a feminine Creatrix Temple – the alchemy was really powerful. I believe the medicine of the container really supported me to move things forward quickly. I would have breakthroughs that I would directly apply to life immediately – it always occurred as time well spent. The Temple was open and alive. Declaring intentions inside the Temple facilitated a quick response to the intentions.

Michelle Barton, Creatrix Collective Participant

Screenwriter, Producer, Spoken Word Performance Artist

“ALIA has a deeply intuitive, yin-based and feminine approach to coaching. It’s perfect for me, as I want to move out of a male model of doing things! I joined the Creatrix Collective both for the group support and for ALIA’s guidance. She attracts a combination of wild, embodied, creative women who think outside the box and are all pushing the edges of their own lives. It’s an alive place to be, sharing my journey with these women, feeling like I have a resource to turn to when I get stuck, or mindful witnesses to hear and see me when I’m going through some deep shifting or unfolding.”

S.C. Williams, Creatrix Collective Participant

Embodiment Coach, Groovybelly.com

Alia is such a pure soul. She knows herself in a way that is felt so deeply it awakens the inner-most part of those she connects with. Whether it is through her music, her words, or in the Creatrix Collective, her Divine Essence can be felt as a nurturance and shining Light. I connected powerfully with her through the Creatrix Collective as her empathy and shared experiences showed me the sheer strength and wisdom that each woman carries. I would highly recommend Alia to anyone who is seeking a gentle, yet monumental journey into the depths of their being, while building a building a supportive, sacred community. Alia helped me deepen my sense of purpose, build my confidence, and remind me to sing from my heart, no matter what traumas seem to hold me back. I am eternally grateful for her Love and Light in my life!

Ayla Dawn, Creatrix Collective Participant

Songstress, Healer, Daughter of the Divine

How is this structured?

There are two ways you can participate :




The Membership runs month-to-month for as long as you would like to participate. There is no minimum monthly commitment and you may leave at any time. 



I have created a reachable and affordable way for most that gives you the opportunity to get rare personal mentoring from me and support from the community in a monthly membership structure.

This includes:

(2) 2-hour Activation Calls per month which are hosted on Zoom so you can interact with me on video. On these calls I offer a 30-minute – 1-hour training module then open the space up for laser coaching, Q&A, and case studies working through real questions women bring to the call.

Women are receiving a TON of value from these calls. I endeavor to create a very safe space where a woman can bring anything she is going through and is held with care and reverence.

You can have the opportunity to receive laser coaching from me and to get training on cutting-edge business and personal growth topics. 

This is a rare chance to get this level of coaching support at a very low investment. 

Participants also report receiving enormous value from listening in on what other women are going through and applying it to their own life.

On each call I open with a short ritual and content-based training. I choose the content that I feel is most relevant and will best serve the community as a whole. 

There is a library of 13 trainings and counting that you will have access to on topics like personal branding, manifestation, and how to package and sell your programs.

This option also includes:

  • An extensive resource library of training videos and handouts
  • A private Facebook group where everyone interacts and shares
  • Periodic FB content shares from me
  • Orchestrated “Creative Courage” group challenges to inspire you into action 
  • Access to Creatrix Conversations interviews which I will be hosting with a variety of my favorite Creatrix powerhouse women.
  • Tons of juicy inspiration!

This option is open for enrollment 3 times a year – the doors do close for periods of time to allow the community to deepen


So, if you are feeling this, this is the moment to jump in!

Currently calls are twice a month held every 2 weeks on Wednesdays at 10:30AM-12:30PM PST on 1 week and 4-6PM on the other week.

NOTE: Many participants cannot always make the live calls because they are at work or other commitments. They still receive a lot of value listening to the calls later and use the group to share or ask questions as needed.




Along with your membership, you have the option to receive private mentoring with me.

In addition to everything you receive with the Membership, this includes (1) 60-minute virtual coaching call with ALIA (conducted on Zoom) per month. 

This discounted coaching offer is ONLY available to Creatrix Collective members and is limited to 5 people/month – these will go quickly! 

This is an excellent option if you desire both personal support (which helps you move through challenges and issues A LOT faster) and community with other awesome women. 

We will dive into YOUR particular challenges and blocks gently lifting the obstacles to your success.

This is for you if:

  • You are an artist realizing you need to approach the building of your platform as a business – the best kind of business, the business of YOU!
  • You are a creative entrepreneur wanting to bring more of your voice, authenticity and self-expression to what you are building.
  • You need help with the tangible stuff that comes with building your creative business – marketing, branding, content creation, how to tell your story, social media, your business structures, figuring out the technology and how to create online sructures and systems – there is so much to think about and navigate through
  • You are ready to unlock your best creative work that can have maximum impact and reach as many people as possible.
  • You are ready to move into finding better and effective ways to be paid for your work.
  • You want to be held in a container with great support so you don’t have to do it alone and you can move forward with even more grace, ease, and effectiveness.
  • You need help navigating the emotional challenges coming up for you, and the marketing and technical challenges that come with the territory of building your platform.
  • You want to work with a seasoned mentor who has a ton of experience building her platform, who is a priestess and a business woman, who  understands the current marketing world and the business of building a personal brand, and that is successfully thriving as a self-made working artist and creative entrepreneur.

You will receive:

  • Clarity about your purpose path and offerings
  • Clearing of hidden beliefs that have been sabotaging you
  • Tangible marketing strategies
  • Greater confidence and willingess to take bold risks to create the life and results you want
  • Loving but tough coaching from ALIA to help you carve new ways of being so that you do not get taken out by old habits

Due to my touring schedule as a musical artist, I only take on a few private mentoring clients through multi-month packages so this is currently the best, most afforable option to work with me.


Yes, I’m In! 

Your Bonuses



You will receive a bonus 30-minute private strategy session with ALIA! (A $250 value)




You will receive my ground-breaking 6-week audio course RADIANT & ROCKING IT. (A $297 value)

It features (6) 90-minute audios chock full of transformational content to support you in your ability to master the feminine and masculine aspects of creation allowing the feminine to source your Radiance so that you can create with balance and magnetism, and the masculine to help you Rock It with all of your endavors.

It also features 6 interviews with some masterful Creatrix leaders including

  • Nisha Moodley
  • Jena La Flamme
  • Laura Hollick
  • Arianna Hall
  • Sequoia Emmanuelle
  • Tanya Lynn

We dive into what has helped them create their very successful creative businesses.

This is pure GOLD!


You will receive my 3-part video training brimming with ideas for how you can transcend your blocks to your creativity and get into motion creating your biggest visions. (A $47 value)


Thank you for being a role model for expansion into creative flow for all of us. You inspire even when you don’t realize you are inspiring. We (the world generally, and me specifically) love you.

Julia Allison

Change Activist. Social Alchemist. Journalist. Speaker, JuliaAllison.com

“My work with her changed my life. This has given me a new depth of creative confidence. For women who come to me asking about how they can unleash hidden aspects of their creativity, I always recommend Alia. Her process is deep, intuitive, and most of all: it works.”

KC Baker

Founder, WomanSpeak, KCBaker.com

Alia helped remind me that I can create the life I desire and that each act is intentional, art, sacred. I have more courage and I now remember that my life can be as I wish to create it.

Asherah Eden

Alchemical Catalyst for Divine Feminine Therapists, AsherahEden.com

Here’s what you will receive

:::::: In this program you will receive :::::::::  


  • Sustainable practices to help you turn yourself on to realize your creative visions with more confidence, courage and clarity
  • Practical approaches to building out your artistic platform, business, practice, program offerings, branding, social media and more
  • Solid mentoring from ALIA who has a proven track record of success in both the traditional business world and non-traditional music and coaching worlds
  • Incredible support from a community of women on the leading-edge that is about celebration not competition
  • Both practical and esoteric approaches to feminine creation and leadership
  • Tools that can help you create your life with a lot more ease, elegance, and grace
  • An accelerated environment that supports, enhances and activates you to live and create from your Higher Self.
  • Access to Self-Mastery methods not taught in traditional coaching programs
  • Greater access to your own wisdom and your voice
  • Support to play at a much higher level with your visions

Why Creatrix?

Creatrix is the feminine form of Creator, the name for the feminine aspect of Source, which is the underlying aspect of all creation.

This feminine creative force is an inherent aspect of our being. However, I’ve noticed that many of us have forgotten this inherent power to create.

We have been afflicted with the disease of forgetting our true nature.

I believe that deep within us there is a part of us that knows what we can really do.

We reach for ways to heal through coaching, women’s circles, healing modalities, therapy, medicine, and so much more because we know there is something on the inside that we want to be able to touch again that has felt just out of reach.

I believe this part of us is the CREATRIX that exists within each of us.

The Creatrix knows the breadth of her power and she uses it to shape her reality.

A Creatrix recognizes that she is a fractal of the whole and therefore what she does and how she chooses matters.

I believe that as Divine Feminine Leaders we must learn to remember this part of ourselves.

We need you to trust your visions.

These visions and ideas that are coming through us have the potential to shift our way of life on the planet.

I believe women are that powerful.

The events on the world stage are telling us that the time truly is now to transcend whatever barriers to expression that have been in our way of realizing our highest creative visions for ourselves and the planet!

We need creative, generative feminine leaders who are strong enough to stand up for what they see and believe and share their voice, ideas, projects, and visions.

My mission is to help catalyze and galvanize feminine creatives.

I feel called to support those of you that feel ready to recognize that


Who am I?

My name is Alia Metcalf aka ALIA.

The picture above is me at a peak moment performing my music on stage at a festival. I am an original electronic musical artist, DJ, and vocalist using the stage name ALIA. I tour the country and dance hubs in parts of the world and thousands of people around the world listen to my music.

I am also the Producer of the Feminine Medicine™ Project and I create epic all-female performances for festivals and conscious events and just released an album of the same name.    11875134_907963745923868_8212925646665287108_o

11834963_907987702588139_8369920769614643344_o (1)


I have been a women’s empowerment and leadership coach for 13 years and now I specialize in helping women build their creative businesses. I have a long background in business as a marketing executive for brands like Visa and Delta Air Lines in another life.

I am the Founder of Femvolution™, my media company that produces empowering and educational content for women, and I am a leader in female entrepreneur circles. I have created multiple online and in-person programs for women and have built an online platform to share them.

I am also a trained screenwriter receiving my Masters degree in Film, a co-author in the groundbreaking books “ReInhabiting the Village” and “The New Feminine Evolutionary”, which features contributions from 22 women leaders.

I have trained with some of the best coaching, somatic experiencing, breathwork, and NLP trainers in the field, and was a Trainer myself for organizations including The Arete Experience and Authentic World.

I am a trained Priestess in the 13 Moons lineage and a devoted ambassador of the awakening of the Feminine on the planet.

I was featured in ORIGIN magazine as a “Woman Changing the Planet”. I love to talk about my life as a successful corporate escapee now living a fully self-directed, creative life.

It is a gift of epic proportions to spend my life playing in my greatest passions and being given opportunity after opportunity to do so with relative ease.  

For many years now, I have been riding a current of flow with my creative endeavors and my entire life has been flourishing. I still cherish this feeling every single day, because I spent so many years not experiencing this and toiling in the terrible feeling that I was meant to be doing something else, but I had no idea how to get there.

At many times in my life I have experienced tremendous suffering.

For the last 25 years I have been through a major period of soul refinement that brought a multitude of initiations including major healing crises, rape and abuse, intense financial scarcity, the loss of my brother, a heart-breaking divorce from a wonderful man, significant dysfunction within my family, disconnection from my creativity, my body, and my sexuality, and the total recalibration of my life and career as a corporate executive to a self-created artist, and so much more.

Most searingly I struggled with low esteem that came from the knowing that I wasn’t on track even though I had all the “right” elements behind me – an Ivy League education, a well-off background, solid skills from my former life as a marketing executive, lots of training in personal growth, coaching, and healing modalities as well as business and entrepreneurship training – yet still things were not coming together.

It wasn’t until I let go of my old identities that I could allow the soul’s expression that had been aching on my insides to come through and truly embrace the artistry that was ready to be shared.

Having spent so many years out of alignment, I have to come to recognize what it feels like when you are in alignment.

It is truly remarkable the way opportunities and support emerge, people show up, and when you stay in your faith, the answers always come.

I always meet this flow state with a lot of aligned 3D reality work that I put behind it, but this is very different from the stress-oriented work I used to do to try to move myself forward in the direction of my goals, which usually left me feeling like I was treading water.

The problem was that these goals were always externally-dictated goals driven by something I felt I should do or have based on what my external environment was telling me.

It wasn’t until I started doing the work of unraveling those external programs and getting clear on my soul-driven goals that things began to line up.

Alignment is truly priceless.

It is not something we can get to via plug and play systems that we get through online courses or workshops (though I tried, repeatedly!).

This is the kind of alignment we can find when we reach down deep into our hard-won truth. Sometimes we emerge from this truth-diving a bit roughed up but those battle scars are totally worth it.

When we face the devastating recognition that what we have been doing is not bringing us closer to alignment but further and further away from it and it is causing the disconnection and confusion, we then have the gift of knowing what needs to be changed.

What this all means is that I know how to handle heavy emotional material, I know how to move through to the other side to become a prolific creator, and I have become a very skilled coach equipped to hold whatever you are going through.

On my path I was guided to practices, ideas, esoteric principles, systems, and spiritual beliefs through which I trained myself into a high level of refinement with the way I was caring for myself.

This was a learned process. I was not taught this. So many of us are not. We have to take on this level of training for ourselves and for the creations that live inside of us that need to be birthed.

Through my expanded connection to my Higher Self and through the guidance that brought, my life has become unrecognizable from what it was.

Everything I share, I have lived and I am the living proof that these things work. 

We can shorten the process of seeking by getting help to find our alignment sooner.

When we are aligned we don’t experience confusion.

When we know, the steps required become obvious.

This knowing is the most incredible feeling.

When I discovered the resources that could help me take the short cut to my knowing, I soaked them in, learned them, and then took bold action. But I could never have done this without my mentors.

Sometimes we need someone to hold our hand because what is true can come with difficult consequences and big, risky choices.

If this is currently what is happening in your life, I want to hold your hand and help you through this.

It is one of the greatest gifts of my life each time I get to help a woman find her alignment, connect with her source, and come into resonance with the Creatrix within herself so that she can experience the same flow of joy and creation that I have experienced.

Alia has helped me build confidence as an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a friend, as a daughter. She taught me powerful tools and asked me the right questions that I needed to get more clarity on my business. She helped me realize why my confidence is not always there for me, identifying where my confidence is not at its strongest, and, most importantly, where my confusion in my decisions was not coming from place of strength but from a place of fear. Her spiritual and gentle feminine approach was exactly what I needed. I am very grateful for her support throughout this journey.”

Jessica Semaan

Founder, The Passion Company

Alia has something rare; she is truly the embodiment of a high priestess. Not only is she completely expressed as an artist; she is also gifted with laser-like intuition and the capacity to hold DEEP space for leaders, artists, and messengers. From the depth of my spirit; I fiercely recommend this powerhouse leader to other leaders building incredible lives of freedom, joy, wealth and purpose.

Christina Dunbar

Writer, Producer, Actor, ChristinaDunbar.com

“Alia is a force…One-on-one guidance with her, will lead you into the direction of self love, creating the life of your dreams, grounding and anchoring new beliefs you want to see for yourself. trust me when I say… GO!

Meg Conkling

Founder/CEO, Curly Hair Alchemist

How is this different from other programs?

This program is not about teaching you a personality-driven plug and play system that you try to apply to yourself; there’s a reason those programs rarely work for people, because they are missing the critical ingredient of your own soul’s essence.

This space is about coming into harmonic resonance with the frequency of your soul so that you can hear its communications to you.

I don’t try to tell you how it is, I offer perspectives. Here we focus on the etheric space, as well as the action-driven space. This will be a highly alchemical container inside of which you can arrive home and discover your own soul’s mastery.

From this state, you can access anything – you can hear the answers you need

  • You get very clear directives
  • You know what step to take
  • You open to the flow of your own divinity so that you can create your offerings
  • You open to receive the love, money, clarity, and opportunities you have wanted in your life.This is not the place to hide, this is the place to open.

And open again. And again. And again.

Until enough layers have been peeled away that you can actually feel yourself free of the weight of all that stuff that wasn’t you that you thought you had to carry anyway to be loved and safe.

  • I am here to help you redefine safety as an internally sourced experience.
  • I am here to be a light in the dark for those still blooming from the ashes.
  • I am here to walk with the women who are willing to speak up and step up.
  • I am here to make a difference on our planet and work with women who want to make a difference.

In my space you will hear, “Yes”, as long as I can feel that what is coming through you is an undeniable expression of you.

I have a way of sniffing out when you are lying to yourself.

I am a truth-teller because I believe that is of the deepest service to the world.

I will tell you the truth straight and I will do so with love and compassion and sisterhood.

This is about freeing yourself from the lie of limitation and embracing the truth of who you truly are.

It’s Time To Rise!

Sister, it’s time to do this for real…and I’m going to swear for emphasis here:

No more fucking around!

It is time to awaken.

We no longer have years to spend trying to work out what’s wrong with us.

It is time to recognize what is so right with us, embrace it, own it, and give it. 

It is time to unlock yourself to bring those visions to life.

It is time to be supported to become the full embodiment of your creative purpose.

I know this journey has been filled with a lot of pain and anguish and we are going to hold space for that.

Stepping in at this level is true Heroine’s work. Being a torch-bearer isn’t easy.

However we can rise from our depths with a fierceness of clarity and CREATE.

Because this is what we do.

The Feminine creates endlessly, expansively, magnificently.

We can harness this energy that courses through us to take a stand and decide today will be different!

We must let ourselves become the visionaries that envision the new world that we must begin to create.

It is time to be supported to become the full embodiment of your creative purpose.

The planet needs you. We need your voice!


Yes, I’m Ready to Join!

About ALIA

IMG_0724-Edit (3)ALIA is a renowned musical artist and master coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She tours the country and parts of the world as an original electronic music producer, vocalist, creator of the Feminine Medicine™ music project and resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance. She is regularly featured on the stages of major festivals and conscious events.

A graduate of Brown University, ALIA has also been a trained coach for women for 12+ years, a former trainer for coaching organizations including Authentic World and The Arete Experience.

She is a respected feminine leader in women’s entrepreneurial empowerment circles named a “Woman Changing the Planet” by ORIGIN magazine.

As the founder of Femvolution™ she has created women’s circles, workshops, and training programs including Cultivating Creative Confidence, Brand Your Brilliance, Unveiling Your Artistry, Radiant & Rocking It, and the Lush Life Foundations Series.

She is also an initiate of multiple mystery schools, a Priestess in the 13 Moons lineage, and is devoted to the liberation of women on the planet.

Her piece, “Achieving Women’s Liberation” was featured in the ground-breaking book, ReInhabiting the Village, which is now the basis for a class curriculum at a university. Her work will soon be featured in the forthcoming book, “The New Feminine Evolutionary”.

To pursue this life ALIA left her former career as a corporate marketing executive but took with her a lot of knowledge about branding and marketing that she uses to build her platforms and support her clients.

She bridges practical approaches to manifesting our missions with esoteric wisdom to create an environment that is wholly unique combining coaching and priestessing, energetic work and tangible action.

She is committed to supporting emerging feminine leaders to trust their voice and build their world-changing visions.

The highest value result you will leave with after working with her is an indelible relationship to your Self that will be your greatest asset as you set about the business of creating your life.

Remember Creatrix, You Create Your Reality. What Will You Choose?